Holiday... I need your help..

Assalamualaikum semua...

just short entry for today...

Syahida and hubby just thinking to have a short trip for our pre-honeymoon (ada ke istilah pre-honeymoon) since Syahida have a short break for this CNY...any suggestion for our last minute plan?

Nak honeymoon betul-betul tak boleh sebab last minute kan.. next time for honeymoon, both of us should make early deal and block the date for the honeymoon.. :) .. maybe you guys wanna suggest or recommend interesting place for our next trip..hehe..

another thing..Mr. Chelsea request Syahida masak ayam penyet atau pecel ayam? Dekat mana Syahida nak dapatkan resipi yang sedap eh?

thanks all.. :)

nota hati : ada tak siapa-siapa yang nak tolong jawab soalan-soalan Syahida ni.. hurmmm..

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